This stuff is literally Noble Prize Winning. Cross our fingers and toes and eyes. Yep, reconstructive surgeon, Dr Gregory Bays Brown, based the whole skincare line around an award-worthy ingredient called Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF), which is said to crete, you know, skin miracles. The 411 is that Madonna, Naomi Campbell and Drea de Matteo all have their local Re Vive stockist on speed dial. "If I only buy one RéVive product, which one should I get?", the FAQs frequently ask. "Just one?" comes the response. "Then try Moisturizing Renewal Cream ...the very first product that Dr. Brown created for a speedy, youthful turnaround." "Research. Renewal. Results"- We really rate an organisation that understands the beauty of alliteration.

Re Vive