www.dermatoligistsrsvp.com couldn't have picked a better partnership than the one between Elizabeth Arden and Allergan Dermatology (the makers of Botox). CZJ says "My essential beauty treatment would have to be Prevage anti-aging cream. Once you start using it you can't live without it. I use it every day." So maybe, just maybe she netted enough for a Limited-edition vintage Hermes bag, to say that. But we're going with benefit of the doubt on this one. Because the skinny-skin around our peepers is the first to leave the perty party, we're reccing the Prevage Eye Anti-Aging Moisturizing Treatment. This stuff is so super serum, the only thing it's missing is a cape with the letter S on the back. Doctors aaaaaaalways used to play Chinese whispers at the Dermatologist conventions in Vegas, until some big mouth blabbed that Idedinone was THE most powerful antioxidant for correcting and preventing degenerative cellular damage caused by a one-on-one with mother nature. The peeps at EA overheard and boy oh boy, were they were quick to want in on this one.