Another skin/body/cosmetic line went on sale in 1996. We rolled our eyes and held onto our wallets. But then, we made room for our 23rd body wash, because how could we say no to all the effort Cristina Carlino had gone to, creating gorgeous, frivolous makeup and skincare packaged with “be nice to your soul” words of wisdom written on the outside? Gingerbread Man Hot Salt Scrub tied up with strings, this is just one of Oprah's most favouritest things. The world-famous Hope in a Jar daily moisturiser wins this one with ease. (Some stiff competition from the Amazing Grace shampoo bath and shower gel, though.) Why bother with a New-Age psych who charges you $40 a session to tell you, you need to "make yourself a priority", if the label on your body wash alone can help you celebrate "feeling well and living joyously?"