Washington local Dr Barry Cohen kept busy by formulating a cosmoceutical range of skincare that integrated organic ingredients with high-tech treatments to take care of messy skin. Damn… We couldn’t get a look into this doc's Little Black Book. Not even a peek… Pimples have no chance against the AM/PM Spot Treatment. Not only does the salicylic acid exfoliate and kill zit bacteria, but willow herb extract also gives redness the blues. The pH Advantage buzz word is Bioavailability. Strip away the white-coat jargon though and it's pretty easy to understand: Basically all it means is that you get duper-concentrated doses of glycolic acid penetrating the outer layer of your skin because the Dr Barry Cohen and Co figured out how to make creams with a lower pH (bioavailability) than just about anyone else. That was easy enough to get, wasn't it?

pH Advantage