In the 1950s, chemist Graham Wulff looked at his wife and decided that he wanted to help her. So, he started mixing concoctions in his lab at home and created what he believed to be the perfect moisturiser. Easily penetrated, not too thick and something that's going to make the skin look younger. Women rejoiced and Wulff got rich. Today, Olay is all about beauty inside and out. They like to give you the whole experience rather than just half of it. You know, help you achieve that balance between what you want, what you need and what you aspire to. They're very thoughtful. But above all that, Olay believe that every woman is beautiful so we should learn to love the skin we're in and look after ourselves in confidence. Aussie icon Deborah Hutton is the local face for Olay and raves about the products. Their Total Effects line is one of their key winners while the Classics range is exactly that, a CLASSIC.