In 1998, after co-founding Fresh & Wild in London, Nude owner Bryan Meehan noticed his customers were buying their organic food from him and then cruising down the street to get their totes not organic skincare products from Space NK. This just didn't add up for Bryan, who believed that if you were going to do organic food, why not do organic skincare, too. So, he partnered with Ali Hewson, aka Bono's wife and set about creating a skincare brand that was free of any nasty ingredients and ethical but also highly effective and packed with probiotics and active ingredients, so you know, you really see results. With Bono's wife a co-founder, you know there's going to be a ridiculously long list of celebs lining up to try this brand. Helena Christensen claims that the Miracle Mask is fantastic, while Christy Turlington is their official tester, trying every product, every cream and every serum before it goes to market. Gwyneth Paltrow and Carla Brunei are also huge fans. Not a bad track record for a company that's only a few years young. The Miracle Mask tends to set the most hearts aflutter, with the Advanced Eye Complex coming in a close second best. Other favourites include the Cleansing Facial Oil and Replenishing Night Oil.

Nude Skincare