Of all the good things Emanuel Stolaroff ever did (create a cosmetic distribution company in 1930. Supply specialty make-up to the Hollywood stars during that era. Make an origami sculpture of the Sydney Opera House), probably one of the best was his decision to import and distribute a non-residue leaving transparent bar of soap, created by Belgian cosmetic chemist Dr. Edmond Fromont in 1954. Jennifer Love Hewitt, Mandy Moore, Hayden Panettiere, Josie Bissett, Angie Harmon, Mischa Barton, Gabrielle Union, Vanessa Hudgens and Jennifer Garner have all lent their pretty (pimple-free, tight-pored) faces to the brand. Liquid Neutrogena is a cinch-to-use (no toner required) cleanser, that's easy on the dry-out ingredients and blinging on Neut's suppleness-giving trademark glycerin. To make sure you have the best shot at a pretty, glowy mug, everything Neutrogena is skin-doctor tested, ph neutral, liquor-banned and gives your pores plenty of 'me time' space.