Back in the summer of '69, well '95 actually, while enjoying a hearty meal of fried chicken and potatoes (probably), buddies Troy Cooper and Dr. Tom Laughlin decided that their mission in life was to bring a healthy, sun-free tanning option to the masses. And that they did, building automated booths for people to step into and get a flawless, even tan that was totally risk free. From there, they developed products that could be taken home and now the brand, and their booths, are stocked around the world, with more than 20 million people a year getting Mystified (ha!). Everyone from Miss Teen USA to Emily Deschanel and Haylie Duff have experienced Mystic Tan. But it's not just the chicks who love it, it's the dudes too. Entourage's Kevin Dillon and singer, Lance Bass are both big fans too. The Sunless Face Conditioning Complex and the Sunless Face and Body Tanning Spray are both HUGE winners.

Mystic Tan