If noonas and poppas aren't 'sposed to have favourites, how do the family behind this Italian fashion label (Rosita and Ottavio Missoni) explain why they kissed their model agent ciao and used their granddaughter Margherita to launch the line of family perfumes in 2006, huh? Huh? Margherita was so successful as the dewy little face of Missoni's first fragrance, Missoni, she became the face (and body) for Missoni Acqua, too. The original Missoni EDP weaves chocolate and citrus into a stunning gourmand spritz, but it's the amazing Missoni trinkets that accompany the fragrance at gift time that gets us most excited. The range of candy-in-an-atomiser is kind of a big deal, for people who totally appreciate the way Missoni can make zig-zaggy, colourful threads look noice.