When is a hair brush not a hair brush? When it's a Mason Pearson. Adored by hairstylists the world over, we're yet to see a session stylist without a kit of these handmade, durable brushes. What sets them apart is the special rubber cushion which flexes the bristles to massage the scalp and directs sebum (good oil) to the ends of your locks, for glowy (sans grease) flickiness. Sheer brilliance. Jessica Simpson's hairstylist, Ken Paves, is a big fan. And Vicky Beckham has said "I won't go anywhere without my Mason Pearson hairbrush." (We hope Brooklyn, Cruz and Romeo are given the same attention). Get amazing, shampoo-commercial softness and body with the classic large Boar Bristle brush. The made-by-hand rubber-cushion pad (using Mr Pearson’s original techniques) and the cellulose plastic handle (hand-polished and removed of any sharp edges, thank you very much) has earned MP tools the 'Rolls Royce of Brushes' title. (For non-motoring types, think of it as the Louboutins of heels.)

Mason Pearson