In 2003, the designer who made it acceptable to lust after a pair of ballet flats that resembled a rodent (mouse whiskers, no less), went on to do great things for perfume, releasing Marc Jacobs Women, Marc Jacobs Blush and the Marc Jacobs Splash Collection (with scents like cucumber, rain and orange) among others. The king of quirk is notorious for choosing peculiar ladies to feature in his equally peculiar campaigns. Like pocket-rocket child actress Dakota Fanning, who had to have her clothes shrunk to wear. Or Victoria Beckham. In a bag. Take your cue from Master Marc and put your nostrils to good use by sniffing the blend of wild strawberry, ruby red grapefruit, musk and vanilla that is Daisy. MJ once said "Fragrance, like fashion is meant to express a strong personal style ... I love that reaction of love or hate. It's indifference that bores me to death." So, naturally, his scents (like his clothes) are always full of fun.

Marc Jacobs