Make-up Art Cosmetics (aka M.A.C) first reared its pretty head in 1984. The story? Canadian founders, Frank Toskan (an eyeshadow whiz and part-time shutter bug) and Frank Angelo (he done hair for a living) wanted to fill-in the blanks on a cosmetic landscape that didn't seem to have any professional grade products available for the public. And what a job they did. Mary J Blige, Pam Anderson, Chloe Sevigny, Linda Evangelista, Dita Von Teese, Barbie, Eve and Fergie have all graciously, sexily done their thing for M.A.C. Lipglass (any shade) - It's one of those wonder products all beauty editors and half of Hollywood swear by. We could gas about the their Cruelty-Free beauty initiative, Back to M.A.C Recycling philo or the Do-Good MAC AIDS fund (which has pulled in over $100 million), but we're just not that deep. Mostly we just love their gloss.