Even though MHR Marie-Hélène Rogeon took the "I want to make my own name" approach for a while (launching and marketing 15 years worth of fragrances for Givenchy, Jean Deprez and Pierre Balmain), she eventually realised that the she'd get better tax benefits joining the French cologne company started by her great grandaddy. No million dollar Eva Longoria-esque endorsements that we could find, but really when your grampy spent his downtime lacquering the moustache of emperor Napoleon III, just about every thing else is going to look pretty tame in comparison anyway. We played paper-scissors-rock but we couldn't decide between the classic Rosine of the Rose EDP, a spritz of Rose of love, or the rose-heavy Roseberry spray. Fans of fragrances from the citrus family, should probably click next at this point. Lovers of movies starring Mark Ruffalo should be able to find at least a bottle or two they're willing to try in this collection.

Les Parfums De Rosine