So the name may be a tad on the cheesy side, but snaps to the doctor (Norman Leaf) and nurse (Rand Rusher) behind this pretty amazing line of skincare. Brad and Jen couldn’t agree on lots of things (Children or career? Affair or loyalty?) but it was love all round when it came to this range. The Dermaroller generated a bit of buzz. It's kinda like kneading a rolling pin into your face, except this one is 'sposed to replace hands (bleeding old-fashioned things they are) when smearing your T-Zone/Cheeks/boobline with fancy-shmancy products, so you can force all those vitamins into teensy cracks and corners, and get the best bang for your buck. The 'please buy us' claim is "doctor tested-celebrity approved, without any AHAs". Unless it's the quick succession of "chocolate" and "brownie", we can't think of a better combo.

Leaf & Rusher