With a boast-worthy heritage that traces back to the famous Clinic La Prairie in Switzerland, La Prairie is a firm favourite with those who take their skincare seriously, and for who price is secondary to results. With their signature anti-aging "Cellular Complex", La Prairie offer an impressive (and ever expanding) range of high-end products, ranging from makeup to suncare and skin care on top of luxurious salon treatments. (Just have that Visa flexed.) She'd never admit to such an indulgence, but Angelina Jolie supposedly uses La Prairie to help manage the pesky veins on her arms and forehead. (Honey, when you pull $8million per flick, you can use this without feeling too bad.) Sir Mick Jagger, Stella McCartney and Kate Moss are also devotees of La Prairie's famous caviar facials. With it's instant results, La Prairie's new cellular 3 minute peel has become an immediate best seller. Then there's their super serum: Coming in at just under a grand, Cellular Radiance Concentrate Pure Gold uses the remedial effects of delicate micro-particles of 24 carat gold to give the skin a "golden" opportunity to "shine". (Zing!) One Rachel Zoe endorsement later, and nearly anything can flaunt its high-status stripes. High quality, though? That's a totally different kettle of snapper and one that this skincare range does super seriously. Take for example, each humble jar of Caviar Luxe Cream: Like so many of its sisters, it's handled no less than seven times during manufacture. Plus hand-filled, hand-wrapped and hand-sealed. Pricey? Yes. Priceless? Yes again.

La Prairie