La Mer reigns as one of the most indulgent, luxurious skin care brands in the world. Invented by a NASA physicist, Max Huber in 1965 (after 12 years and 6000 experiments) the secret to La Mer lays in distilling the ingredients in a 4 month bio-fermentation process, which morphs it onto a "Miracle Broth," the potent, anti-aging, nutrient-rich formula that is the backbone of each La Mer product, from their lip balm to their famous Creme de la Mer. Jennifer Lopez was quoted as saying she coats her body with Creme de la Mer. (Fortunately, it's a big tub.) And Keira Knightley, Heather Locklear, Shannon Elizabeth, Christina Applegate and Gabrielle Union are all willing to fork over the big bucks for it, too. Yay! Opportunity to cliché: The Crème de La Mer truely is the crème de la crop. Once you've fallen for La Mer, you may find yourself saying things like "Well, really when you think about it, getting 50 uses out of a $500 face cream works out to be only $10 a go. That's practically giving it away!"

La Mer