Monumental moments in Greek history (not necessarily in order of importance) - 1250 BC: Trojan War Begins. 776 BC: First Olympic Games. 1996 AD: George and Lena Korres expand on their company’s origins as Athens’ first homeopathic pharmacy and set up business selling skin, sun and hair care made with herbal and organic ingredients. Celebs who have invested shares in Korres Ltd include Scarlett Johansson, The Beckhams (David being the primary household consumer), Kylie M and Charlize Theron. The consistency of lamb souvlaki made it difficult for inclusion in most skin products, so Korres went for Greece's second biggest national food group and invented the Yoghurt Cooling Gel, instead. The creamy formula makes it perfect for promoting the recovery of sun-harassed skin (and a tempting addition to your next attempt at Tzatziki). If you thought what they put in was impressive, lend your ear to what Korres left out - Think mineral oil, silicone, propylene glycol and other common-yet-gross synthetic compounds.