When Ms Mecca herself, Jo Horgan, launched the sister store to Australia's fave cult-cosmetics stockist, she also rustled up her own line of made-down-under niche body products to bring in a few extra bucks. Make-up artists love this stuff. Diane Dusting (she's faced Mischa Barton, Megan Gale, The Veronicas and The Pussycat Dolls) waxes lyrical about the pedi paints and Craig Beaglehole (who's worked his magic on Michelle Williams, Sarah Wynter, Isla Fisher, and Jennifer Hawkins) loves the lipglosses. The Nail Polishes. They do seasonal palettes (this year you can take your pick from four Havaiana-matching shades), but they never stray too far from that signature long-lasting, ultra glossy, quick-to-dry formula. Kit have nailed the simple-sounding, but sometimes difficult to do approach of (1) delivering big on performance and results; (2) filling up on good stuff but without the usual suspects of the ingredient world; and (3) being worthy of your time and money.

Kit Cosmetics