Gaye Straza grew up spending Spring Break in Hawaii. Difference is, instead of posing for Playboy and scouting a producer for her own reality TV show (are you listening Kardashians?), this Malibu Californian made her contribution to changing the world, by bottling a based-on-the-tropics fragrance she called Kai. Julia, Charlize and Reese... as well as recognition on a first-name basis, all these "Can you please polish my Oscar" chickadees love a bit of Kai. The signature EDP gets more mentions than "Our Lady and saviou Jesus Christ" at the Grammy awards. Somewhere between the 102-level hotel complexes and 2234 "would you like cholesterol with that" fast food joints on Waikiki beach, Gaye Straza has managed to capture the "beautiful, simple, irresistible island smell". She's a talented one.