The Jo Malone brand was born through word of mouth over two decades ago, when facial-giver and florist Malone got in touch with her fragrance-blending side and created a Nutmeg & Ginger Bath Oil as a thank-you gift to her fans. Cut to 2008 and there are flagship stores and top notch placement in department stores the world over for Jo's original, fresh, chic scents, candles and beautiful bespoke gifts. It's one of Jennifer Lopez's wants/needs for her pre-concert prep. Brittany Murphy is a fan too. Same Sienna Miller. Jo's Red Roses is a screaming success, nailing that genuine, not too heavy rose scent we love on the actual bud, but find hard to replicate with our perfume. We're also partial to the lime, basil and mandarin fragrance - it's great for creating an aura that implies the wearer is the kind of gourmet whiz who can differentiate between adzukis and zarzuelas, while the Fig and Cassis deserves a mention for kick starting the whole figgy trend a few years back. Even beauty editors put Jo's creamy dreamy candles and fragrances on their Christmas wish list. They're that good.

Jo Malone