Make-up artist and model from the land of UK, Jemma Kidd learnt from the experts, then knicked off with the best "Get Pretty" tricks of the trade to launch her own make-up line. (All helpfully packaged with easy to follow “get the look” leaflets). As well as earning celeb stripes in her own right, Jemma has gotten clotheshorse sis Jodie to be her famous-person endorsement. (Obviously no sibling rivalry here) The Lasting Tint Waterproof Lash Tint will tint your lashes (fancy that!), with a hang-around wash of colour that'll resist flakes for a minimum of 24 hours. Jemma may be a professional, but she also remembers the little guys who may not be so well-versed on contouring or doing a smokey eye with three shades of shadow. That's why we love the foolproof usability of her makeup range.

Jemma Kidd