Us Aussie's know a thing or two about the sun. Especially when it comes to lying in it. So in 2002, Invisible Zinc launched their natural sunscreen to the market that contains none of nasties that are commonly found in other sun protection products and we took to it like a duck to water. The fact that you could have full protection, without the white, paint-like appearance of regular zinc was a winner all round. Today, the brand has face powder, cheek and lip tint and skincare products in its stable, with more rolling out in the future, no doubt. Elle Macpherson has recently taken over from Megan Gale as the face of the brand, flaunting her amazing body in the advertising campaign and making us all rush out to buy it if it means we get to look anything like here. Our very own Zoe Foster is also a huge fan of the Tinted Daywear Anti-ageing facial moisturising sunscreen SPF 30+. We'd have to say Tinted Daywear Anti-ageing facial moisturising sunscreen SPF 30+ but maybe that's because we're biased. We love it.

Invisible Zinc