Hissyfit founders Sue Smethurst and Louise Dobson couldn’t find quality makeup with SPF 30+. They wanted great coverage and maximum protection, and couldn’t find a foundation to match their needs. The solution? Make it themselves! After years of blending their own foundation and sunscreen, Hissyfit was born. The latest major development is the appointment of Reggie Wells, Emmy Award-winning makeup artist (and “face artist” to Oprah!), as the brand’s International Creative Director. You can’t ask for a bigger fan than one of the world’s most powerful women: Oprah. She was introduced to the brand by Reggie Wells. He also works with the likes of Beyoncé and Halle Berry, so we can assume some of the world’s most beautiful women are getting their Hissyfit fix too! The signature product of the brand is the Saving Face SPF 30+ Tinted Moisturising Sunscreen.