Everyone knew him for the threads (first flaunted in 1975), but Monsieur Armani has now earned massive bragging rights in the beauty game with his incredible Giorgio Armani makeup, Crema Nera skincare and stable of best selling fragrances. Beyonce Knowles, the face and shimmying body of Emporio Armani Diamonds, is definitely a GA fan. Mr Armani has released a constellation of successful scents, but Acqua di Gio, for both men and women remains a top ten fragrance globally. We also have to mention his exquisite Crema Nera, a thick, rich cream made from volcanic minerals. Because it's delicious. Of course a designer who is all about stealth wealth, quality and luxury is going to create incredible makeup, skincare and fragrance. There's no corner cutting with Mr Armani.

Giorgio Armani