Just after the 21st century clicked to 'On', the ghd ceramic styler (with it's super high-tech infra-red heat and floating plates) started making cameo appearances in UK salons, and tidying stray hairs in a way even the most professional blowdry couldn't. As well as their world famous styler, ghd now also do a range of styling and hair care, boasting, of course, thermal protection technology. "Hi, my name is: Renee Zellweger/Jennifer Aniston/Victoria Beckham and I'm a ghd addict" It was a close one between the styler that gets you to smooth and straight town, or the one that helps create fierce curls, twirls and flicks. Luckily you don't have to write up two cheques here, cause the one ghd styler juggles bananas, swallows swords and does both. This styler is full of the kind of technology that helps people do cool things like land on the moon or clone stem cells (but obviously put to more important use in this instance) There's a built-in microprocessor which conducts heat fast and retains it more effectively for super quick, long-lasting heat. And ghd's advanced infra-red heat actually protects your hair by sealing in natural oils, moisture and hair colour.