The brand with nearly 38340 sub brands (slight exaggeration perhaps, but there are a few like Fructis, Nutritionist and Ambre Solaire) does a bang-up job creating creams for your hair, face, elbows and shins. Extra points for taking inspiration from trees and flowers and naturally-sourcing them if it's doable. Celebs who have been on the Garnier roster include Heather Graham and SJP. The not-so-fine print on bottles of Fructis Sleek & Shine shampoo and conditioner promises to deliver hair that is five times smoother, to tame locks that keep misbehaving and to keep hairstyles in place longer. The Take Care: Garnier mantra actually applies to three things. Yourself, Others and The Environment (It was probably just too hard to think of a word that rhymes with Environment and work it into a song and dance.)