It all started with LipFusion, the lip plumping lip gloss that made us look like we'd had work. (In a good way.) Created by Fusion Beauty founder, Randi Shinder, Lip Fusion's breakthrough lay in the collagen microspheres that could penetrate and then re-plump with the body's natural water. Cue Megan Fox lips, sans needle.(The Fusion beauty slogan, incidentally, is "No waiting. No Needles. No kidding.") Randi, clearly on a good thing then created Fusion Beauty, and expanded into makeup (Lash Fusion), skin care (SkinFusion/LiftFusion) and self tanners (GlowFusion). Fusion's "We love it and we'll say so without being paid big bucks" fans include: The artist formerly known as Christina, Alyssa Milano, Jess and Ash Simpson, Carmen Electra, Rebecca Romijn, Jenny Garner and Nicole Richie. Lip Fusion is the biggie. But if you're riffling for some impressively fat lashes, give LashFusion a spin, too. Plumping, lifting, brightening skin care and makeup designed to keep you away from the Doctor and those potent little needles.

Fusion Beauty