What do you do if you just can't find a bottle of "Just Out Of The Shower" EDP on sale at your local Perfume Connection? If you're Terri Weitzman you teach yourself to DIY, custom blend your dream juice in 2002, then start charging people to buy into the privilege of smelling niche. Heather Locklear, Gwen Stefani (before she started doing it her way) Tori Spelling and Amanda Bynes are all Fresh Scent fans. No bias here, but the light/sheer musk combo in Zoe makes it an uber-popular choice for chickas after the soft yet sexy effect. (Ed's note: Best name for a fragrance, ever.) Generally scents that guarantee "what are you wearing?" compliments, come attached with a three figure price tag. Not so Terri's handiwork which contributes affordable versions of juice to the underground/hand poured perfume market.

Fresh Scents