In 2004, Sarah Vorbach left her high powered investment banking job and started Face Boutique. Why? To create quality skincare, using the very best ingredients and offer it to teens and people in their twenties. Clever lady. Today, Face Boutique is stocked all over the UK, Europe, America and Australia. Much of its success comes from the philosophy behind the brand, that employs high ethical standards and eco-friendly ingredients. It's much, much more than just your average teen range. The packaging is pretty awesome too. Teenagers worldwide are loving this brand for more than the pretty packaging and smell good scents. The Peachy Clean Cleanser, $32, Spot-Less Blemish Gel, $28 and Fresh Faced Moisturizing Gel, $38 are all winners as they regulate oil, reduce breakouts and tone all at once. You've gotta love that.

Face Boutique