In 1981, Essie Weingarten took a little trip to Vegas to paint the nails of all the women in town. She knew they wanted to glitz things up a bit and have fun with colour. Of course, after returning home, word had gotten round that Essie was a winner in the nail polish world, and soon after her trip, her range had grown from 12 simple shades to one of the biggest salon brands in the USA. Today, Essie stocks 300 shades in over 250,000 salons and spas worldwide. Hilary Duff is a huge fan of the shade Bordeaux, while Katie Holmes has gone on the record to say '"I love the natural look of Sugar Daddy nail polish by Essie. The polish is great, lasts for ages and never chips." Lindsay Lohan says she loves "Fruit Sangria by Essie - it's the perfect nail polish for when I'm going somewhere special." So clearly, the celebs love the brand. There are 3 cult colours in the Essie range that are a huge hit worldwide, they are Ballet Slippers, Mademoiselle and Wicked.