In 2004, German perfume ‘nose’ Geza Schoen, collabo-ed with a Canadian Brand Expert (what exactly does someone in that job do?) Jeff Lounds, to release a perfume that was more than an aroma, [quote] “it was an effect.” Dita VT digs it, Katie Moss always sniffs (snorting is sooo 2005), and rumour has it that Ms Misch was most unimpressed she couldn't jump the waitlist and get her navy-blue manicured mitts on this juice. Escentric 01 and Molecule 01- both based around a single super dooper never-before-used-in-this-concentration ingredient called Iso E Super. It's said that the magic ingredient used in the fragrance reacts specifically with your body chemistry to create a "pheromone-like effect" (Translation: Boys will go wild).

Escentric Molecules