The creative genius behind the oldest family-owned skincare company in the world is Madame Bache, who set up business as a skin guru in France in 1936. The GPS navigated Ella around the world, before the brand hit Bondi Beach (or it may have been Surfer’s we’re not sure) and got busy inventing sun protection creams (with a massive 30+ broad-spectrum cover) for the UV-worshipping local population. Pretty people who have latched onto the skin savvy that you get from a tube of EB include: Delta Goodrem, Erika Heynatz, Stephanie Gilmore, Bondi Beach Rescue boys What the label says: Great Face Tan Without Sun. What the product does: Gives great face tan without the sun. What else do you get with your tangerine-free mug? A moisture hit of shea butter and honey and an anti-oxidant that's ready to pull on the punching gloves if it any of those pesky trouble-making free-radicals get in its way The gospel, according to Ella is that "Every skin has its own beauty product." But one thing Ms B found worked for the entire world's (approximately) 3,291,805,000 skin-possessing females, were "formulas ... that taste good. Just like when you make cake." Skin good enough to eat, indeed! (in a non-literal, non cannibalistic way of course).

Ella Bache