Florence Nightingale Graham is one of the authentic Cosmetic Queens. In 1910 she changed her (gorgeous but slightly too long for the label of a night cream) name to Elizabeth Arden, opened up a beauty salon on Fifth Ave (with, you guessed it, a Red Door) in 1910 and convinced Upper East Side ES ladies to spend up big on her now world famous lotions and potions. Everybody loves Lizzy. 'Spesh Catherine Zeta Jones, who's never had to buy another Elizabeth Arden lipgloss/eyeshadow/perfume since signing on to rep the company in 2002. The Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant always comes up when the words "desert Island" are put to beauty ed. (And with good reason considering the balm that tames brows, softens cuticles and soothes lips so easily, it could be practically trusted to pitch a tent and start a fire with two twigs). How can we not love a woman who: 1: After kicking one-time hubby/business partner to the curb with a 1935 divorce, forced him to work for Arden’s rival, Helena Rubinstein. 2: During WWII realised how many women were helping the armed forces make the world a safer place, so created a cherry lippy, Montezuma Red, to match the trim on their uniforms. 3: In the 1930s, was one of only three American names known in every corner of the globe (The other two being Singer Sewing Machines and Coca-Cola FYI).

Elizabeth Arden