Frederic Malle grew up smelling the roses. Literally. His grandfather founded Dior Perfumes and taught him to respect the craft of creating perfume that was true to form. In 2000, Malle created Editions De Parfums, employing the best 'noses' on the planet to help him create a brand that stayed true to the art of creating perfume. None of this commercialism business, just tradition and beauty. Bottled. In the early 1920's, perfumers were almost seen as celebrities. They're creations were an extension of themselves and that's exactly what Editions De Parfums aims to recreate. With famous 'noses' like Maurice Roucel (who created our personal favourite, Musc Ravageur), Pierre Bourdon and Olivia Giacobetti at the helm, each scent has a story and a history behind it. Musc Ravageur for its intense sensuality, Une Rose for its sweet, floral scent and French Lover, because, you know, we can all dream a little.

Editions de Parfums by Frederic Malle