It should come as no surprise that Dr Laurence LeWinn, the man behind this anti-ageing skincare range, was one of the world’s most distinguished plastic surgeons. He had many celebrity clients who wanted recommendations on how to improve their skin’s appearance. What’s a plastic surgeon to do in this situation? Create his own products, of course! His skincare line gave great results, but in order to make sure he was the best, he tested his products in Australia’s harsh climate. His dedication to his work and research has made Dr LeWinn’s one of the top choices in anti-ageing skincare. Locally, everyone’s favourite ‘Sale of the Century’ gal Nicky Buckley has been the face of the brand. The Ultra R4 range features anti-ageing products that address annoying little things like lines and wrinkles. The Restorative Cream in particular is a pleaser!

Dr LeWinn's