Dr Frederic Brandt (aka The Baron of Botox) drew on his 20+ years of nip tucking, to create a line of anti-ageing lotions for smooth-skin-wanters who "don't do needles." Pop Quiz: What do Gwyneth, Lenny Kravitz and Madonna have in common? If you figured we were giving them a mention cause they're all Dr Brandt groupies, you'd be right. (Give yourself bonus points If you also answered an excellent understanding of the Jewish Torah). We love the three-part system of Laser-A-Peel, for giving tight pores/extra radiance/cheek firmness addicts a weekly hit. Thy guy behind the brand publishes professional papers, conducts in-depth industry-research programs, and is certified member of the American Board of Internal Medicine. We just wanted to point this out, 'cause that has to count for something doesn't it?

Dr Brandt