Dove's signature white "soap" (term open for interpretation) was launched in the States in 1955. Technically, the makers could have retired to a Mexican villa at that point. Luckily for us they didn't - or women would be seriously starved of all the subsequent wonderful body, face and hair things that clean and soften their skin whenever they hit the shower. Who needs professional models when Dove's Real Beauty campaign put everyday chicks (freckles, wrinkles and all) on a pedestal for perving? What's that? You'd still like an endorsement of the script-reading variety... Does Rachel McAdams suit? Lather-likers love the Dove Beauty Bar, which suds up, but contains 25% moisturising cream, so it 'won't dry your skin like soap'. These people need to consider selling their slogan to a 'Fortune Cookie Making' business. How good would you feel after a polishing of a plate of honey chicken, if your dessert told you that: beauty comes in all shapes, sizes and ages. And what really makes you lurvely is confidence and comfort in your own skin?