1986 was a good year for epidermises and sebaceous glands around the world, with the founders of The International Dermal Institute, formulating a range of prescription-required skin-dilemma-solving lotions and potions. It must be like a Hollywood "I'll be your best-friend" prerequisite to be a Dermalogica fan - Because we know that Jennifer Aniston/Courteney Cox and Katie Holmes/Victoria Beckham have all shared scrubbing tips over a glass of Moet. The Special Cleansing Gel removes gunk off your dial without annoying its original moisture levels. What it has: Balm mint and lavender extracts. What it doesn’t: Artificial fragrance, colour or shredded $50 bills. (but you probably guessed that, yeh?) Dermalogica take a necessity-not-luxury approach to skincare, so while you won't find specks of diamond or crushed eggs from the endangered African unicorn in any of their formulas, if you're looking for a no-bells-or-whistles approach to keeping your face in top-top shape, you're on the right track.