In 1992 garden guruette Ellen Davies used her knowledge of all things gardening to custom blend a range of natural bath and beauty products that were so unisex even that raw-steak-eating fella you sometimes share muesli with wouldn't be too offended slapping some on. Davies Gate bath products can be knicked from all bathrooms at Las Vegas' Palms Casino Resort. (And you can draw your own conclusions, but you all know how often Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan and Britney have been papped there) The Lemon Made Hand Salve could well have been named Tthe cream with a consistency of lard, that moisturises chapped mitts with shea butter, natural plant oils, Italian and Argentinean lemon and a twist of zest of lime'. (But the inventors figured the first option was just as clear and looked better on the label). The certified organic nature of this brand mixed with the prettiest garden-inspired packaging you've ever seen, makes for one hard-to-resist product after another.

Davies Gate