The first mass cosmetics brand in the whole entire universe (include the planet formerly known as Pluto), was launched in Baltimore by the Noxzema Chemical Company in 1961. The original theme was “medicated face make-up” so they only offered six products, but with a million and one (or close to) lip glosses, mascaras, eyeshadows etc currently buyable, things are obviously a little different now … The original covergirl was Christie Brinkley (whose 20 year contract was the longest in the history of the modelling industry). Other CG pretty faces have included Tyra Banks, Queen Latifah, Rihanna, Keri Russell, Drew Barrymore and in Oz, that lovely Jen Hawkins. (Oh. And they also have a deal with ANTM). The Lipslicks Sheer Lip Colour is an intense eye colour (ok obviously not). It is in fact a light gloss with loads of vitty E to keep your lips all touchy-feely. They didn't just pick the ‘easy, breezy, beautiful’ jungle cause it rhymes you know. Covergirl are also pretty good for churning out face paint that can be slapped (well it still needs to be blended) on for a spiffy, au naturelle finish.