Japanese fashion kid Rei Kawakubo's, good-for-both-guys-and-girls-but-who-can-really-tell-the-difference-these-days-anyway, scents started poppping up on bedroom dressing tables in 1994. So what's a slash celebrity to do when she wants to jump on the create-your-own perfume bandwagon, but can't be assed attending time-consuming meetings like "brainstorming your fragrance" or "how to package your perfume? CDG are now creating customized fragrances for "I only drink my water at room temperature" stars. The quirky kids love Odeur 53: an anti-perfume with 53 "why-the-hell-would-you-bottle-that" notes. If your wish-I'd-thought-of-it-scent would include mineral carbon, sand dunes, nail polish, cellulose, burnt rubber and flaming rock, 'tis the one to spritz behind your ears. Just like budgets in a Jimmy Choo store, Rei reckons rules were meant to be broked

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