Clairol's professional colourist and the Nice 'n Easy Colourist Ambassador is Belinda Jeffrey. She coloured a few famous mops in her time and knows a hell of a lot about the product. Her tip? Never stray too far away from your natural colour. Sounds smart to me. The Nice 'n Easy permanent colour series is the clear winner here. With 31 different shades to choose from, there's no excuse for not finding the perfect colour. And greys? They've got them covered, literally. Nice 'n Easy is just that, easy. It's mess free, no fuss, at home hair colour. And there's no one-dimensional 'helmet' hair colour when it comes to Nice 'n Easy. Just vibrant, healthy hair with flattering highlights. And I don't know about you, but pretty much sums up what I want in a home hair colour. Awesome.