Bless the striped beret of French-lad, Jean-Louis Poiroux, who convinced his boss it was all part of the job to spend 10 years travelling the globe, touring high-end spas and researching little-known but centuries-old wellness and beauty rituals from a variety of cultures to create Cinq Mondes. (Francais pronunciation: Sank Mondeh. Definition: Spa of the five worlds). If he hadn't we'd be seriously missing this excellentay line-up of aromatherapy face and body stuff inspired by the way they do things in Japan, China, India, Brazil, the tres exotic Middle East. Richard Gere and Rod Stewart have both bought into the new age approach to taking a shower. Check out Pate De Fleurs Make-up Remover & Cleanser - which is loaded with enough mango butter and passionfruit oil, you could practically swapping Pavlova recipes with your aunt Beryl. The powers that be at Cinq Mondes must have realised that good things come in packs of five (The Spice Girls, number of engagement rings worn by JLo, etc etc), because they applied their palm philosophy to all products in the brand which must 1) Be tested under dermatological control; Be gone with 2)silicone, 3)mineral oil, 4)artificial-based colours and 5) products that may have potentially been a household pet. Sorted

Cinq Mondes