Ill-content with mastering the trench coat and lovely plain scarves, the preppy-cool alure of Burberry first trickled into the world of fine fragrance back in 1981 with Burberry for Men. Now the coolest brand in Britain, Burberry has an impressive stable of scents... and It girl models to advertise them (Kate Moss, Lily Donaldson, Agyness Deyn, Lily Cole etc.) Agyness Deyn is the rep of Burberry Beat, and Rachel Weisz is the "face" (is that the right word for promoters of something smelly?) of Burberry London. We assume they wear the scents, obviously. Burberry Brit is the last word on ye olde English chicness in one sweet little plaid bottle. Not just the manufacturer of the classic trench (or foxy studded platform heels), but also of multiple successful fragrances.