2004 was a big year for Ms Spears. Somewhere between her first quickie marriage (and quicker annullment) to childhood buddy, Jason Alexander, and her second vow exchange with K-Fed, Brit joined forces with Elizabeth Arden to releases juice #1- Curious: a floral scent mixed with vanilla and musk. Sales proved better than those for her next album, so BS kept churning out the hits (Fantasy, In Control and Believe), and those who wanted to smell like the popette could. X-tina is a fan. And apparently JT bought The Booty a bottle of the juice (with the matching body lotion) for their six month anniversary. (Note tongue directed at cheek). Otherwise, when she's growing her hair and not attacking the paps with Rihanna's weapon of choice, there's no better advertisement for the brand than the Britser herself. Note to self: Must.try.Fantasy - A sniff-worthy floral with bits of cedar vanilla, musk, and the sort of fruity additions you inhale when deciding which organic berries you feel like having with your cereal this week Ok so they may not take you on the nasally stimulating journeys of made-in-obscure-Florentine-perfumery type fragrances, but many a scent snob has admitted she has not only tried a Britney juice, but ... liked it.

Britney Spears