In the 1860s in Paris, make-up was mainly reserved for the glitz stage actresses of the day and consisted of greasy, thick creams that were uncomfortable to wear and damaging to the skin. Not really all that appealing to the everyday madame. So, French perfumier Alexandre Napoleon Bourjois saw the opportunity to develop a range of expert cosmetics and devoted his time to creating a superior quality theatrical make-up. It was in this pursuit that he created the world's first powder blush, Pastel Joues, in 1863. Thank goodness for that. Imagine where we'd be now if powder blush had never been discovered. The blush was a great success with the actresses, and as make-up usage became fashionable off-stage, it didn't take long for the word to spread, making women everywhere eager to experience the mad powder blush created by Bourjois. With it's fun colours and girly twist, the Parisian-based brand is loved by all. A favourite of many celebrity and fashion makeup artists, Bourjois has graced the covers of top magazines, Fashion Week runway catwalk shows and red-carpet Hollywood events Their cult Little Round Pot Eyeshadows and blushes win. Hands down.