Natalie Bloom (cool name, huh?), created Bloom Cosmetics in 1993 just after she turned 22. It started small (think a few cute candles and gifty ideas in the parents' garage), before she hit the beauty big time and starting making cosmetics, skincare, aromatherapy products and lots of moolah. Enough to fill a coupla Yellow Pages. That is if Kylie Minogue, Liv Tyler, Anna Kournikova, Holly Valance, Jade Jagger, Naomi Campbell, Geri Halliwell, Eva Herzigova, Allanah Hill, Kate Hudson, Alice McCall, publicly listed their contact details of course. The Lip Gloss gives your lips massive shine (good) with a hit of aromatherapy (great). Miss Bloom (the company's spokesgirl), mightn't be all cleavage and legs (a bit hard if you're a cartoon), but she sums up the Bloom mantra pretty good we think: Heaps of personality and integrity, a touch of sophistication with a sensational dose of funness.

Bloom Cosmetics