The young, fresh, "active" kid of the skincare world, Biotherm knows that the sea is a constant source of skincare innovation, so they started fooling around with thermal plankton, reproducing it by bio-fermentation to obtain an even more active and concentrated form: Pure Thermal Plankton. This power plankton helps protects skin's natural defences and is at the core of every Biotherm product. Welcome to the world of dermobiotics. (And some really good self tanning products.) Tom Williams, that lovable bloke from the telly (The Great Outdoors, to be specific) is the face (and abs) of Biotherm Homme. Aquasource Nonstop, a deliciously hydrating face gel, has been the star of the Biotherm stable since it's launch in 2004. One of the fastest-growing brands of skincare in the world, the product with the plankton has made a big splash. (Geddit?)