Identical twins Jean and Jane Ford sorted out an ABN and opened a beauty boutique with a retro candy shopeee feel in San Francisco in 1976. And if there's anything more adorable than the sassy lip/cheek/eye staining goodies created by this twosome (they even manage to make concealer cute), we’re still trying to find it! Rachel Bilson thinks the Georgia Blush is all-kinds of cute. And Christina Applegate uses Under Make-up, Boo Boo Zap for drying up zitteronis asap. The Benetint Lip & Cheek stain (originally created for an exotic dancer who wanted something which would keep her nipples looking pretty and pink) is a keeper. You might prefer to use it for it's original purpose, but for the rest of the population, it's gives a rad rose-colored flush to cheeks and lips. You may tempted to question the cosmetic cred of jellybean shades of face paint in all manner of kitsch packaging… Don't. Benefit take their "Who said Make-up has to be serious to be good" mantra, very err… seriously.