WIN: 1 of 10 Thierry Mugler Angel Purse Sprays

Fri, 7 December 2012 3:44PM

Have we got a treat for you, Primpers!

Thierry Mugler Angel is one of the most iconic fragrances your nose could ever have the joy to come across. Celebrating 20 years in the beauty business, Angel was the first ever ‘gourmand’ perfume. Which basically means it smells good enough to eat. Think cotton candy, honey and chocolate, all whirred and packaged up into one glittering star-sparkled bottle. One word: irresistible.

So you can imagine how delighted we are that the lovely team at Thierry Mugler is giving you gorgeous, perfume-loving Primpers the chance to win one of ten bottles of the Angelic fragrance.

Up for grabs is the oh-so-chic Purse Spray:


It’s not only practical – the handbag-friendly, magnetic-capped tube comes with a refill – it’s super-pretty, featuring a smattering of silver stars along the bottle.

For your chance to win an Angel Purse Spray, valued at $98, tell us in 25 words or fewer, in the comments section below, what your all-time favourite fragrance tip is.

Good luck!


The winners are P Johnson, VIC, H Fox, WA, P Sinclair, NSW, L Dowhaluk, NSW, N Coulson, QLD. C Thai, QLD, A Benson, QLD, N Mahendran, VIC, N Ingrames, SA & M Greaney, QLD. Congratulations!

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  • Posted by: daylight dancer Master Fan // Fri, 7 December 2012 03:56pm

    spray fragrance on your elbows. They heat throughout the day and release more of the scent.

  • Posted by: matty Enthusiast // Fri, 7 December 2012 04:02pm

    Subtlety is the key so don’t go overboard.

  • Posted by: soMuchPretty Master Fan // Fri, 7 December 2012 04:02pm

    Choose a fragrance that you find calming or comforting and wear it to bed. It can soothe anxiety and help you sleep.

  • Posted by: melg Master Fan // Fri, 7 December 2012 04:16pm

    Apply to the back of knees. Scent rises as your body warms, so by the time its worn off your wrists, it’ll still be lingering.

  • Posted by: Taylor Patrick // Fri, 7 December 2012 04:19pm

    to apply perfume to your neck and upper arms near your elbow as it washes off your wrists when you wash your hands

  • Posted by: Jensta Master Fan // Fri, 7 December 2012 04:38pm

    In the case of perfume, less is always more,
    because if over done, people may abhorr.

  • Posted by: catn2kittens Master Fan // Fri, 7 December 2012 04:47pm

    I always spray perfume on the insides of my elbows – and down my top! (well you never know…)
    My man is allergic so I am not entering this contest but good luck ladies!!

  • Posted by: Kathryn Mathew // Fri, 7 December 2012 04:49pm

    Wear even your best fragranc every day!! I never save say the expensive ones for special occassions. I love wearing them everyday :)

  • Posted by: Yolly // Fri, 7 December 2012 04:49pm

    Always spray fragrance where you want to be kissed x x

  • Posted by: bluebird Master Fan // Fri, 7 December 2012 05:03pm

    Apply a little to the back of your neck under your hairline, it is a warm spot so will release some fragrance whenever you move.

  • Posted by: PrettyPrincess Master Fan // Fri, 7 December 2012 05:09pm

    If you apply fragrance to your wrists, don’t rub your wrists together, it will damage the delicate scent.

  • Posted by: lovefashionangel Master Fan // Fri, 7 December 2012 05:12pm

    As tempting as it may be, do not (ever) use the whole bottle in one go 😉

  • Posted by: beautybee1 Master Fan // Fri, 7 December 2012 05:23pm

    Smelling like an Angel is easy if you use a body lotion in the same scent – fragrance layering extends perfume longevity and smells Heavenly!

  • Posted by: Miki // Fri, 7 December 2012 06:00pm

    I always buy a mini bottle of my favourite perfume to top up my favourite scent on long days! Although now with Angel you wouldn’t need to!

  • Posted by: katherine royce // Fri, 7 December 2012 06:35pm

    Issey Miyake is the sexiest, most feminine fragrance – I feel like a goddess every time I wear it.

  • Posted by: Hayley // Fri, 7 December 2012 07:04pm

    Layer if you can with matching bath stuff so it lasts all day

  • Posted by: Karen Smith // Fri, 7 December 2012 08:46pm

    Fragrance wears off after a while, but a great tip is to spray it in your hair from a distance. The smell attaches and last for days. Its fantastic

  • Posted by: diva89 Master Fan // Fri, 7 December 2012 08:51pm

    If you have dry skin, you will need to wear more perfume, and re-apply your fragrance more often than someone with oilier skin.

  • Posted by: diva89 Master Fan // Fri, 7 December 2012 08:52pm

    Wear stronger fragrances in cold weather. Cold reduces a scent’s intensity.

  • Posted by: diva89 Master Fan // Fri, 7 December 2012 08:54pm

    Apply perfume to your primary pulse points (your wrists, behind your ears, your chest, neck, or behind your knees and inside your elbows.)

  • Posted by: diva89 Master Fan // Fri, 7 December 2012 08:58pm

    Spray the inside of your elbow and behind your knee, for a longer lasting fragrance. The fragrance stays a little moist & fragrance works best just a little bit humid.

  • Posted by: c2tas1 Enthusiast // Fri, 7 December 2012 09:00pm

    Love to use body moisturiser in the same fragrance as the perfume so that the scent lasts longer.

  • Posted by: Susan Reynolds // Fri, 7 December 2012 09:13pm

    If feeling a little extravagant Estée Lauder’s tip of misting spray perfume into the air and walking through it.

  • Posted by: Teecar // Fri, 7 December 2012 09:18pm

    Always have a purse pack of your favourite perfume in your bag, you never know when you’ll need refreshing or want to smell fantastic!!

  • Posted by: Heather Hopley // Fri, 7 December 2012 09:23pm

    Less is more.
    A subtle fragrance is tantalising;
    overpowering stench is paralysing.

  • Posted by: Katie Sheridan // Fri, 7 December 2012 09:49pm

    Make sure you buy a few bottles just in case it becomes hard to find!! You dont want to run out!!

  • Posted by: kay brymer // Fri, 7 December 2012 10:06pm


  • Posted by: Tina-1291133452 Master Fan // Fri, 7 December 2012 10:07pm

    Apply perfume on the back of your neck as heat rises up the body and the movement of hair will diffuse the scent!!

  • Posted by: Jennifer Sharpe // Fri, 7 December 2012 10:47pm

    I spray a fine mist and after 1 second, walk through it to evenly distribute the fragrance.

  • Posted by: meedee Master Fan // Fri, 7 December 2012 10:54pm

    During the day Dont spray perfume where the sun will hit. You will end up with unsightly blotches on your skin.

  • Posted by: Cheryl Fox // Fri, 7 December 2012 11:37pm

    Layering the fragrance, cant beat it for special occaisons.

  • Posted by: billy james // Sat, 8 December 2012 12:15am

    I dont spray directly onto skin I spray and walk through so my little 3 month old wont smell of overpowering perfume

  • Posted by: Coconal Master Fan // Sat, 8 December 2012 12:45am

    The scented oils in perfumes adhere better to moisturised skin, so always make sure you moisturise well before applying perfume for added longevity!

  • Posted by: Kylie-1335492235 Enthusiast // Sat, 8 December 2012 07:28am

    Try adding a few drops of your favourite perfume into your everyday moisturiser; a sensational scent and beautiful glowing skin all at once, heavenly!.

  • Posted by: Tabatha // Sat, 8 December 2012 07:35am

    If people can smell you coming from two streets away,you are wearing too much

  • Posted by: sue petrie // Sat, 8 December 2012 01:53pm

    spray the perfume in the air and walk into it for a better smell

  • Posted by: grahamm Enthusiast // Sat, 8 December 2012 02:42pm

    Try before you buy.

  • Posted by: Lesleigh Stewart // Sat, 8 December 2012 04:26pm

    Keep fragrance out of the sunlight in a cool dark place so it won’t spoil.

  • Posted by: Ermelinda Porter // Sat, 8 December 2012 05:01pm

    My all-time favourite fragrance tip is to hint at your partner before every birthday and Christmas that the gift you most appreciate is perfume!

  • Posted by: Jess // Sat, 8 December 2012 05:08pm

    Always try a perfume on your skin and wait 24 hours before buying it. Perfumes react differently to each persons skin make-up, affecting the scent

  • Posted by: Chloe // Sat, 8 December 2012 05:26pm

    Don’t stop searching until you find a fragrance you really love!

  • Posted by: Andrea Furtado // Sat, 8 December 2012 05:54pm

    Remember to match your moisturizer to your fragrance so it does not clash. And to make your perfume the star use a fragrance free moisturizer!

  • Posted by: Sparkles17 Master Fan // Sat, 8 December 2012 05:57pm

    To make your perfume the star use a fragrance free moisturizer or match your moisturizer fragrance so it does not clash with the subtle perfume notes.

  • Posted by: Siobhan Baillieu // Sat, 8 December 2012 06:06pm

    Always spray your wrists, knees and a light spritz through your hair to keep the fragrance fresh and lasting

  • Posted by: Gloss_Geek Master Fan // Sat, 8 December 2012 08:15pm

    Experiment. Mix and Match fragrances within your collection to create a unique scent which reflects your mood.

  • Posted by: lolo Master Fan // Sat, 8 December 2012 09:52pm

    Two on the wrists, one on the chest, follow this rule or your scent will be missed!

  • Posted by: misschris Master Fan // Sat, 8 December 2012 10:31pm

    Spray on clean skin above our belly button so the scent can slowly waft up throughout the day.

  • Posted by: VandaB // Sun, 9 December 2012 12:00am

    Don’t forget to put it on. Fragrance is no use at all if you forget to wear it!

  • Posted by: Abby Lee // Sun, 9 December 2012 12:04am

    Spritz some in your hair as that will leave your hair smelling fresh all day

  • Posted by: sharon parsell // Sun, 9 December 2012 04:38am

    ‘Spray to your
    hearts content.
    ‘Now embrace the
    Heavenly Scent.
    ‘Now add a little
    where it’s moist
    ‘That’s all you need
    for a great choice.!

  • Posted by: Isabella // Sun, 9 December 2012 08:35am

    You have to make sure the perfume matches your body chemistry. Some perfumes can smell amazing on some, and average on others.

  • Posted by: kathy clark // Sun, 9 December 2012 08:35am

    I spray, perfume round my feet, on hot days, as they hate the heat

  • Posted by: Tina // Sun, 9 December 2012 10:02am

    To make your perfume last longer, apply Vaseline on your pressure points before you put on your perfume!

  • Posted by: Elizabeth // Sun, 9 December 2012 11:04am

    Always leave the house with a spray of perfume, but never leave the house wearing the entire bottle!

  • Posted by: diva89 Master Fan // Sun, 9 December 2012 11:20am

    A delicate trace of perfume on the skin is enough: on the neck, inside the wrists, décolleté and even behind the knees.

  • Posted by: beautiful87 Master Fan // Sun, 9 December 2012 11:43am

    use a matching body lotion and apply fragrance to pulse points

  • Posted by: Kristy // Sun, 9 December 2012 12:49pm

    Never ever mix!

  • Posted by: PowderPuff Newbie // Sun, 9 December 2012 12:53pm

    Invest in a solid perfume. Its small enough to fit in your clutch and the creamy consistency lingers on the skin throughout the night.

  • Posted by: Carol Zammit // Sun, 9 December 2012 01:39pm

    If people are complimentay on the fragrance you are wearing…….I say KEEP WEARING IT!

  • Posted by: Lucky44 Supporter // Sun, 9 December 2012 02:00pm

    Always use a non-fragrance soaps and moisturisers etc. That way, it wont taint or change the smell of the perfumes you use and you will get to appreciate them at their best.

  • Posted by: Bridey-1319441464 Supporter // Sun, 9 December 2012 04:36pm

    I put perfume behind my ears, in the elbow crease and behind my knees. This way I get to smell the scent twice, when I put it on and if I sweat, which happens a lot in QLD during summer!

  • Posted by: Narao10 Devotee // Sun, 9 December 2012 04:57pm

    Always I spray my fragrance in my neck and elbows right after my shower to keep myself refreshed throughout the day.

  • Posted by: Coconal Master Fan // Sun, 9 December 2012 05:58pm

    Always store your fragrances in a cool, dark place, like in a drawer, as it prevents it from going off prematurely!

  • Posted by: isabella21 Enthusiast // Sun, 9 December 2012 08:00pm

    When deciding on a new perfume make sure you trial it for a few hours. Buying on first impressions can be a costly mistake.

  • Posted by: chrissy077 Enthusiast // Sun, 9 December 2012 11:52pm

    Find your pulse spots and use your perfume on them because they make it last longer.

  • Posted by: hayman40 Supporter // Mon, 10 December 2012 12:46am

    I love to spray a little perfume onto the inside of my clothing as the scent will last all day.

  • Posted by: Fars // Mon, 10 December 2012 01:47am

    Spritz parfum up into the air, walk through the fragrant mist.. The scent will linger in your hair without being overpowering!

  • Posted by: Chantelle // Mon, 10 December 2012 08:49am

    I always spray my perfume on the backs of my knees and I spray some in the air and wonder through,great mist all over!!

  • Posted by: natalie muleta // Mon, 10 December 2012 09:21am

    spray both shoulders, your tummy and the top of your legs, there all the places guys love to sniff

  • Posted by: April Jane // Mon, 10 December 2012 10:07am

    Always take advantage of the testers in store, its a great way of trying new fragrances and which one suits you best.

  • Posted by: Kathy Mason // Mon, 10 December 2012 11:51am

    Always put perfume on all your pressure points.

  • Posted by: DebstarDesigns Master Fan // Mon, 10 December 2012 02:13pm

    Just like handbags, a girl can NEVER have too many fragrances!

  • Posted by: anitas.artistry Master Fan // Mon, 10 December 2012 03:28pm

    Apply to clean skin!
    (a great perfume won’t mask everything….)

  • Posted by: strawbsundae Master Fan // Mon, 10 December 2012 03:31pm

    Always keep solid perfume in your handbag for regular use during the day, when you’re on a long plane flight or even a road trip!

  • Posted by: Lauren Brett // Mon, 10 December 2012 03:45pm

    Layer your fragrance with body lotions, also spaying Perfume in your hair! Add a little in the wash to make your clothes smell angel like!

  • Posted by: Narelle Antonio // Mon, 10 December 2012 04:01pm

    layer, layer, layer for longer lasting effects. if im going out i use soap, moisturiser and perfume all in my favourite fragrance.

  • Posted by: Cathi123 Supporter // Mon, 10 December 2012 05:14pm

    My all-time favourite fragrance tip is to spray my alluring perfume directly in front of me and to walk straight through it!

  • Posted by: snowwhite Enthusiast // Mon, 10 December 2012 06:40pm

    Wear a fragrance that reminds you of something or someone,

  • Posted by: Michelle Frain // Mon, 10 December 2012 08:20pm

    after shower place a drop on each wrist pulse behind the ears and of course in between the boobies

  • Posted by: bubble_perfect // Mon, 10 December 2012 08:30pm

    That you should spray on your perfume and then massage in your body moisturizer (of complementarity or neutral scent) to help the fragrance last.

  • Posted by: Kylie // Mon, 10 December 2012 09:58pm

    Wear it daily. Don’t keep it for special occasions!

  • Posted by: CIIN Newbie // Mon, 10 December 2012 10:29pm

    I have a little cushion I spray with perfume and keep it in my underwear draw so I have lovely scented underwear without the irritation.

  • Posted by: Brie_87 // Tue, 11 December 2012 12:58pm

    Wear a fragrance everyday as it completes your outfit and gives you a spring in your step

  • Posted by: Alison Humble // Tue, 11 December 2012 01:41pm

    Spray a little into your hair

  • Posted by: CandiH Devotee // Tue, 11 December 2012 05:15pm

    Layer – Bath & Shower Gel, Moisturiser & a couple of spritz behind ears & on the inside of elbows

  • Posted by: Anna P // Tue, 11 December 2012 05:34pm

    Using both deodorant and perfume together. Never substitute perfume as deodorant since it will only mask your odour!

  • Posted by: Rhonda Lockery // Tue, 11 December 2012 08:46pm

    Wear fragrance that is soft and delicate not too over powering and match it with body lotion that you are wearing

  • Posted by: Rachel Lockery // Tue, 11 December 2012 10:13pm

    To have a purse size is allways perfect! When the scent wears easy grab out and re apply,smell beautiful all the time!

  • Posted by: nita01 Master Fan // Tue, 11 December 2012 10:19pm

    To never rub your spritzed body parts togethre cos it bruises the fragrance.

  • Posted by: Ashley-1336663073 Newbie // Tue, 11 December 2012 10:51pm

    Apply unscented lotion to skin prior to fragrance, then once sprayed massage gently with lotion into skin for a longer lasting, yet not over-whelming scent!

  • Posted by: karen // Tue, 11 December 2012 11:30pm

    Wear a non scented anti persirant so your beautiful fragrance is just that. Not confused with other scents.

  • Posted by: libra29 Enthusiast // Wed, 12 December 2012 04:13am

    Layering- using body wash and body moisturiser of your favourite perfume then spary a mist of perfume into air and walk into it

  • Posted by: leemurr Enthusiast // Wed, 12 December 2012 09:56am

    Never rub perfume in with fingers or wrist as this diminishes the strength, allowed it to dry naturally.

  • Posted by: Carol Gurney // Wed, 12 December 2012 01:17pm

    Spray a little fragrance into your hair – when you move or swish around, the fragrance will certainly turn heads!

  • Posted by: Suzi vitkovski // Wed, 12 December 2012 01:20pm

    if the fragrance is smells good against your skin it is worth buying

  • Posted by: Suzi vitkovski // Wed, 12 December 2012 01:21pm

    if the frangance smells good against your skin then buy it

  • Posted by: Mrs Carmit Zur // Wed, 12 December 2012 01:23pm

    always take some in your purse and refresh your perfume it is very uplifting

  • Posted by: phil holt // Wed, 12 December 2012 01:24pm

    less is more

  • Posted by: Kieren // Wed, 12 December 2012 01:29pm

    Layer your fragrance but not so it overpowers, start with the soap, body cream and finish with a light mist of fragrance, it will make you feel beautifully feminine.

  • Posted by: cwingy83 Enthusiast // Wed, 12 December 2012 01:30pm

    Spray into thin air and walk past it, So it won’t be overpowering and the perfume will be evenly distribute.

  • Posted by: Eva Kiraly // Wed, 12 December 2012 01:46pm

    A little goes a long way, there’s no need to overspray

  • Posted by: Tikag Enthusiast // Wed, 12 December 2012 01:47pm

    Just a small spray on your pulses and a dab on a tissue in your handbag.

  • Posted by: Kahla Cameron // Wed, 12 December 2012 01:49pm

    Layer your scent. Use matching shower gels, talcs and deodorants with your perfume to make your scent last all day long.

  • Posted by: Gina Lofaro // Wed, 12 December 2012 01:50pm

    Avoid spraying perfume on jewellery as it can cause it to tarnish.

  • Posted by: Allisha Heath // Wed, 12 December 2012 01:52pm

    Angel of course, its long lasting and makes you smell amazing all day long.

  • Posted by: Carolyn // Wed, 12 December 2012 01:55pm

    Always wear a little bit of perfume so you don’t offend other people, wear it where it feels good and apply it near back of ear lobes, a little on neck, then the forearm near your elbows, then a little on chest.

  • Posted by: Julie Vulin // Wed, 12 December 2012 01:57pm

    Spray in your damp freshly washed hair so it lingers until you wash again.

  • Posted by: Noeleen // Wed, 12 December 2012 02:01pm

    Layer Angel fragrance – use in shower products, after shower moisturizer, and then spray fragrance into air, and step into it!

  • Posted by: Izzie Newbie // Wed, 12 December 2012 02:19pm

    Spray a little fragrance around the hem of your skirt lining or underskirt to leave a soft trail of fragrance as you walk.

  • Posted by: jaffacat // Wed, 12 December 2012 02:25pm

    Perfume quickly fades or changes on my skin, so I tend to spray into my hair, which lasts and keeps the fragrance true to what’s in the bottle!

  • Posted by: Mirella Ogg // Wed, 12 December 2012 02:30pm

    My tip to put fragrance on his make sure your moisturiser is on first and I always add a bit of spray behind my knees

  • Posted by: Jennifer // Wed, 12 December 2012 02:38pm

    Match your fragrance to your favourite colours to find the perfect scent. I love dark, earthy red tones so I choose heavy, woody notes.

  • Posted by: theresa godbolt // Wed, 12 December 2012 02:54pm


  • Posted by: Jane // Wed, 12 December 2012 02:59pm

    Purchase a special new fragrance to wear on holiday. When you wear that perfume in the future it will evoke memories from your travels!

  • Posted by: Sam Greenwald // Wed, 12 December 2012 03:04pm

    apply liberally and in moderation

  • Posted by: jessica ashbrooke // Wed, 12 December 2012 03:27pm

    squirt some on your cleavage for long lasting smell

  • Posted by: Simone Whittaker // Wed, 12 December 2012 03:28pm

    Spray fragrance in front of you and walk through it. It lightly covers your body and hair and re-releases each time you move your hair >;o)

  • Posted by: Leanne Kennedy // Wed, 12 December 2012 04:04pm

    Put on less than you think you need !!! It is always stronger to others, and can be off-putting ….

  • Posted by: vicki constant // Wed, 12 December 2012 04:06pm

    Thierry Muglar Angel – spray behind the neck
    And you will surely get more than a peck
    from someone who appreciates everything fine
    Angel so devine!

  • Posted by: Lorraine Johnstone // Wed, 12 December 2012 04:07pm

    First spritz both wrists then spray a cotton ball. Place this inside your purse and you can share each time you pay.

  • Posted by: Cindy Posthuma // Wed, 12 December 2012 04:08pm

    More is NOT less! You don’t need to marinate yourself in fragrance!

  • Posted by: Simone-1327932044 Enthusiast // Wed, 12 December 2012 04:38pm

    In Winter I ‘layer’ my Angel Parfum with Angel’s body cream as it lasts 24hours chocolatey delicious!!

  • Posted by: Railea Timms // Wed, 12 December 2012 04:51pm

    Choose a fragrance that reminds you of better days.

  • Posted by: Liz Cruse // Wed, 12 December 2012 05:08pm

    Don’t buy a fragrance cos its cheap, on special or on trend, buy it cos you LOVE IT!

  • Posted by: Alex Michailidis // Wed, 12 December 2012 06:12pm

    Match your moods with your choice of fragrance, the vibe will simply bounce off and attract those around you.

  • Posted by: Judy Elliott // Wed, 12 December 2012 06:13pm

    Spray generously into the air then walk through the mist.

  • Posted by: Elizabeth-Anne Connell // Wed, 12 December 2012 06:21pm

    To spray and walk through the mist, then also spray on My wrist !

  • Posted by: J // Wed, 12 December 2012 06:36pm

    Spray it on your clothes too if you want it to last! :)

  • Posted by: kerryn douglas // Wed, 12 December 2012 07:14pm

    spray behind ears and in the back of your knees, smell lasts longer and makes it smell stronger and linger

  • Posted by: Alishes Devotee // Wed, 12 December 2012 07:39pm

    Layer the scent by using bath and body products in your chosen fragrance to enhance and extend the smell.

  • Posted by: Josette // Wed, 12 December 2012 08:03pm

    Spray it on your neck and wrist :)

  • Posted by: inaj Devotee // Wed, 12 December 2012 08:14pm

    Don’t go crazy when spraying your perfume. And if you want an easy way to carry perfume use Perfume atomiser like travalo.

  • Posted by: Claire Maitland // Wed, 12 December 2012 08:25pm

    best advice i got is spritz your fav fragrance in your hair, smell holds much longer and makes your hair smell delicious

  • Posted by: kaye bollom // Wed, 12 December 2012 08:49pm

    I always spray perfume on my clothes as it seems to last longer than on skin. It also makes your wardrobe smell nice when clothes are on hangers.

  • Posted by: Annabel Lazar // Wed, 12 December 2012 09:16pm

    Dot some fragrance behind your ears and the scent will last all day. Perfect when you lean in for a kiss!

  • Posted by: Monique Baggaley // Wed, 12 December 2012 09:26pm

    Try not to spray in eyes or mouth, some perfumes smell good enough to eat!

  • Posted by: Lola // Wed, 12 December 2012 09:26pm

    Try not to smell like your grandmother!

  • Posted by: Teecar // Wed, 12 December 2012 09:53pm

    Always have some in your car for freshening up before you step out for the night

  • Posted by: Dannielle // Wed, 12 December 2012 10:11pm

    Use it all the time not just for special occassions!

  • Posted by: Karina Wong // Wed, 12 December 2012 10:14pm

    Spray your clothes to make the smell last longer.

  • Posted by: Lizzy-1293582119 Supporter // Wed, 12 December 2012 10:30pm

    I always spray my perfume in my hair. Letting the fragrance waft around as I pass others. I never over-do the spraying though.

  • Posted by: carmen diano // Wed, 12 December 2012 10:31pm

    White linen by estee lauder,edp,a classic perfume and is long lasting.

  • Posted by: Kim Miller // Wed, 12 December 2012 11:03pm

    Always keep it subtle, strong can kill the senses.

  • Posted by: Katie Greco // Wed, 12 December 2012 11:33pm

    Fragrance layering. Body wash, purfumed lotion and then purfume is my tip.

  • Posted by: Emma Bruty // Thu, 13 December 2012 12:31am

    A little of what you fancy
    Is all you really need
    Whether you’re heading off to the “coal mine”
    Or taking on the dancefloor stampede!

  • Posted by: Alex // Thu, 13 December 2012 01:15am

    Spray it in your hair. Seriously, it stays all day and makes you smell amazing!

  • Posted by: Dyane // Thu, 13 December 2012 01:18am

    If you find yourself needing to freshen up, but do not have any fragrance on hand (or in purse), then try using vanilla extract behind the ears and wrists. Smells good enough to eat!

  • Posted by: Rachel Kapsalakis // Thu, 13 December 2012 02:58am

    Using body wash and lotion versions of your favorite fragrance before spritzing on your perfume will help your fragrance last longer and smell more flattering!

  • Posted by: crystal Enthusiast // Thu, 13 December 2012 09:24am

    To make your fragrances last longer try using a body lotion in the same or complementing scent.

  • Posted by: Thanh Luu // Thu, 13 December 2012 11:12am

    Do not shower yourself with it. The phrase lesss is more also applies, so a spritz on your pulse points is enough

  • Posted by: britta95532 Enthusiast // Thu, 13 December 2012 12:35pm

    Perfume should compliment your personality, become part of you and put it in areas where the warmth of your body will ‘show off’ your fragrance.

  • Posted by: Beverley Reeves // Thu, 13 December 2012 01:50pm

    Layer – body wash, moisturiser & perfume – scent lasts extremely well

  • Posted by: linda // Thu, 13 December 2012 02:40pm

    try every perfume (not all at once!) until you find the one that makes you weak at the knees – which is Angel for me.

  • Posted by: jmanley Newbie // Thu, 13 December 2012 03:38pm

    never overdo it – nothing is worse than being overwhelmed by someone’s perfume – less is more

  • Posted by: GorgeousEmeralds Master Fan // Thu, 13 December 2012 03:54pm

    Best fragrance tip, use only a subtle amount and have the fragrance on your skin since the warmth alters the scent uniquely for you!

  • Posted by: melissa // Thu, 13 December 2012 04:15pm

    Not to rub your wrists together after applying your fragrance- it apparently ‘bruises’ the perfume and therefore alters the smell!

  • Posted by: wanda // Thu, 13 December 2012 07:25pm

    Spray it, don’t bath in it

  • Posted by: Roxymisha // Thu, 13 December 2012 08:37pm

    Spray some perfume in your hair as it lasts well and people will notice you!

  • Posted by: Tara N // Thu, 13 December 2012 11:15pm

    After my shower when I’m slightly damp I apply my complementing lotion then layer with the same fragrance for a longer lasting perfume.

  • Posted by: shaunkun Supporter // Fri, 14 December 2012 12:09am

    spray a slight amount in your hair,then the fragrance seems to float with you

  • Posted by: Sara Hayward // Fri, 14 December 2012 12:56am

    Convince your partner to fragrance shop with you. It’s amazing how *ahem* “stimulating” certain scents are and you might be surprised by their choice!

  • Posted by: Razamataz Enthusiast // Fri, 14 December 2012 11:30am

    I have very long thick hair and I find spritzing perfume in it makes the fragrance waft around me during the day.

  • Posted by: Shristie Verma // Fri, 14 December 2012 06:28pm

    Always spray it on heat spots. so the fragrance can be released throughout the day!

  • Posted by: teagan stewart // Fri, 14 December 2012 07:46pm

    to keep your perfume smelling fresh and at its peak dab some on either side of your neck and your wrists

  • Posted by: Sharon Markwell // Fri, 14 December 2012 08:06pm

    I have always found less is more when putting on perfume. You don’t want to give everyone around you a headache from over use.

  • Posted by: Elizabeth // Fri, 14 December 2012 08:56pm

    Spraying my underwear with my all time preferred fragrance for the best outcome.

  • Posted by: toozeh Newbie // Fri, 14 December 2012 10:26pm

    stand in front of a fan and spray perfume into it. It gives you an even covering all over plus makes the room smell good!

  • Posted by: xdarkdreamsx Enthusiast // Fri, 14 December 2012 11:34pm

    Spray your fragrance on before using body lotion. This helps ‘lock’ the fragrance in and makes it last longer!

  • Posted by: Debra Moody // Sat, 15 December 2012 01:21pm

    Applying fragrance-free moisturizer to your body is an excellent preparation for applying fragrance, and will help you get more bang for your perfume buck.

  • Posted by: kathy clark // Sat, 15 December 2012 04:04pm

    I put, drops of Jasimine , around the home on the carpet, makes my home smell amazing

  • Posted by: Jenny O'Donnell // Sat, 15 December 2012 08:23pm

    Spray on my wrist in pharmacy or store to see whether I like the fragrance. Try it before you buy it.

  • Posted by: Danu Ho // Sat, 15 December 2012 10:39pm

    apply it strategically

  • Posted by: Karen smith // Sun, 16 December 2012 01:31am

    Buy fragrances that are from a reputable brand. I know this sounds posh but scents from shops like body-shop are mainly water based and won’t last

  • Posted by: adam // Sun, 16 December 2012 03:27am

    Don’t save it for a special occasion, wear it every day.

  • Posted by: Alma G // Sun, 16 December 2012 06:39am

    Dab your perfume where you want to be kissed (Coco Channel)

  • Posted by: Belinda Bonello // Sun, 16 December 2012 06:52am

    Where the same perfume everyday that way whenever someone smells your perfume from somewhere else they will be reminded of you

  • Posted by: Marlo Evans // Sun, 16 December 2012 08:38am

    I was always taught less is more! Just a small amount of fragrence is enough, people notice it without being overpowered by it.

  • Posted by: Natasha // Sun, 16 December 2012 09:12am

    Guide his lips with subtle spritzes of scent and a shower of kisses will follow.

  • Posted by: clare stiller // Sun, 16 December 2012 09:14am

    always spray before getting dressed then you dont get any perfume stains on your clothes

  • Posted by: Debbie O'Donnell // Sun, 16 December 2012 09:29am

    Best perfume I have ever owned was a french perfume smelt devine.

  • Posted by: shelleypelley Enthusiast // Sun, 16 December 2012 10:07am

    Pulse points are important, as well as the nape of your neck if you wear your hair down a lot.

  • Posted by: Susan Cruickshank // Sun, 16 December 2012 11:20am

    Put a little of your favourite fragrance on your pillow and maybe your partners pillow

  • Posted by: joanne phillips // Sun, 16 December 2012 12:12pm

    Wear stronger fragrances in cold weather. Cold reduces a scent’s intensity.

  • Posted by: Deb // Sun, 16 December 2012 01:54pm

    To use sparingly on all my pulse points, but often have an irresistible urge to put on just another dab of ANGEL. Can’t help myself!

  • Posted by: cheryl cronk // Sun, 16 December 2012 02:37pm

    choose a fragrance that is not too overpowering

  • Posted by: Robyn Nuttall // Sun, 16 December 2012 02:44pm

    EDP over EDT always – lasts longer, worth the extra money

  • Posted by: hellen waltham // Sun, 16 December 2012 04:39pm

    place a small drop of fragrance on the inside of your elbows the scent last twice as long

  • Posted by: RICHARD D T WILSON // Sun, 16 December 2012 05:05pm


  • Posted by: Vera // Sun, 16 December 2012 05:09pm

    When you are given perfume as a gift, immediately spray some on so you associate that perfume with that wonderful person.

  • Posted by: carlie white // Sun, 16 December 2012 05:56pm

    keep a bottle of frangrance in your bag, so you will smell nice all day.

  • Posted by: a // Sun, 16 December 2012 05:58pm

    Spray a little into you hair so when you are kissing that hot guy he can get a whiff. Hit him with all his sences I say!

  • Posted by: SAra Lothian // Sun, 16 December 2012 06:08pm

    Try on yourself before you buy. Your body chemistry mixes with the fragrance to create a unique scent. Perfection is in the mix.

  • Posted by: Alice // Sun, 16 December 2012 06:50pm

    My all-time favourite fragrance tip is to spray your fragrance on your pulse points and not over-do it.

  • Posted by: diana boyd // Sun, 16 December 2012 07:29pm

    I always keep a purse size of my favourite fragrance so I can top up during the day.

  • Posted by: Nancee Biviano // Sun, 16 December 2012 07:35pm

    Running low on perfume – dab a little vanilla essence behind your ears.

  • Posted by: anh pusey // Sun, 16 December 2012 09:23pm

    use concetrate fragrance as the smell stay on skin longer, i alway apply it at back of my neck,and elbow

  • Posted by: Janet Colman // Sun, 16 December 2012 09:27pm

    Layering perfume/lotion

  • Posted by: anh pusey // Sun, 16 December 2012 09:40pm

    use concentrate fragrance as its stay on your skin longer, i often apply it on the back of my neck or elbow then you will smell nice all day long!

  • Posted by: Natarsha Weber // Sun, 16 December 2012 10:00pm

    less is more! :)

  • Posted by: Sharon // Sun, 16 December 2012 10:08pm

    Layer your fragrance by using body products with the perfume. It’d help make the fragrance last all day long.

  • Posted by: Maggie // Sun, 16 December 2012 11:44pm

    My favourite is Miss Dior Cherie. So pretty. Keep perfume in a dark coloured lunchbox in the bottle of the fridge for maximum lasting power. Use EDP not EDT and layer with a matching lotion.

  • Posted by: Morgan // Mon, 17 December 2012 12:01am

    Blow dry where you have applied any fragrance on your skin. The heat releases the fragrance.

  • Posted by: ann // Mon, 17 December 2012 02:30am

    Put your fragrance on just after you have had a warm shower as your skin pores are supposed to absorb the fragrance better

  • Posted by: margaret mitchell // Mon, 17 December 2012 09:00am

    i like to layer, soap then talc then perfume.

  • Posted by: Kathryn Jenkins // Mon, 17 December 2012 09:55am

    Don’t go around smelling like you fell into the perfume bottle. Nice and subtle. I like to wear different fragrances for different seasons. I like more a musky scent for winter makes me feel warmer and cosier. And a more refreshing citrus for summer has me believing I feel cooler..

  • Posted by: nicole larsen // Mon, 17 December 2012 10:01am

    layer your frgrance so it stays on yu all day long

  • Posted by: Jenny Bowden // Mon, 17 December 2012 10:58am

    Angel is my all-time favourite, I came across it accidently and tell all my friends about it. Its Incredible

  • Posted by: shaynee cross // Mon, 17 December 2012 11:14am

    I always spray a small amount of perfume on my temples,
    not only can I enjoy the aroma , it seems to help relieve tension and stress throughout the day.

  • Posted by: shaynee cross // Mon, 17 December 2012 11:19am

    I spray a small amount of perfume on my temples,not only can i enjoy the aroma, it helps relieve tension and stress all day

  • Posted by: Antonietta Farrguia // Mon, 17 December 2012 11:39am

    Just after you have showered, the smell is gorgeous! That’s when I like to step out.

  • Posted by: Elizabeth Archer // Mon, 17 December 2012 11:44am

    Never wait for a special night out to wear your favourite fragrance. Wear it every day because life is too short not to smell delicious all the time!

  • Posted by: Krishna Mamouney // Mon, 17 December 2012 12:41pm

    Always carry a purse pack of your favourite fragrance. It is the best pick me up! Even better than chocolate.

  • Posted by: Kelly Ryan // Mon, 17 December 2012 02:10pm

    Less is quite often more

  • Posted by: Michelle Munro // Mon, 17 December 2012 03:57pm

    Hugo Boss’ Femme because it was my first perfume and every time I smell it, memories of a younger and simpler time come flooding back.

  • Posted by: Jennifer T // Mon, 17 December 2012 04:13pm

    Spray your clothes and neck
    It’ll make boys say what the heck
    Angel is a beautiful smell
    The boys’ll love and the girls as well

  • Posted by: Jamie-lee Mcmeeking // Mon, 17 December 2012 04:14pm

    Never rub your wrists together after spritzing perfume – it totally ruins it! Just leave it and voila, perfection

  • Posted by: michelle w // Mon, 17 December 2012 05:37pm

    less is best and don’t always use the same one, people will notice the change

  • Posted by: Lucy Mather // Mon, 17 December 2012 07:33pm

    Just dab some behind the ears so when lover boy kisses you there, he can swoon!

  • Posted by: Lisa Frankel // Mon, 17 December 2012 07:43pm

    If you run out of deoderant go for a few hearty spritzs of perfume onto your clothing…

  • Posted by: Paul Wilson // Mon, 17 December 2012 07:45pm

    A little dab on the wrist is an a’wrist’ing smell and sight!

  • Posted by: roberto colombi // Mon, 17 December 2012 07:46pm

    Be Subtle… Entice don’t overpower!

  • Posted by: Barbara B // Mon, 17 December 2012 07:53pm

    Spray on clothes rather than on bare skin so you are scented all day long, even though over time you get used to the scent, I assure others do not.

  • Posted by: Jeni Morse // Mon, 17 December 2012 08:23pm

    dont rub your wrists together.

  • Posted by: Thierry // Mon, 17 December 2012 10:52pm

    think out of the male/female box ! just find the right scent for yourself !

  • Posted by: Redrose29 Newbie // Mon, 17 December 2012 11:51pm

    Spray minimally. The perspiration from your body enhances the fragrance . Overdoing the spray results in Eau de toilette having a literal meaning!!

  • Posted by: Linda Clark // Tue, 18 December 2012 01:07am

    Put perfume on your pressure points, it expels the scent as your pressure changes excitement enhances the aroma

  • Posted by: Lidia Longo // Tue, 18 December 2012 02:52am

    One spray on each wrist, 2 one neck and 3 just above underware line. All areas coved.

  • Posted by: kevansoo Newbie // Tue, 18 December 2012 04:28am

    The angel in your purse says to try and use 1 perfume with 1 outfit as it will ingrain itself in your clothes.

  • Posted by: Natasha M // Tue, 18 December 2012 10:28am

    “Not every fragrance is suited to everyone, so try before you buy!”

  • Posted by: christina lungo // Tue, 18 December 2012 10:35am

    Angel has been and will always be my favourite fragrance, the scent is unique and unlike any other perfume

  • Posted by: johanna rees // Tue, 18 December 2012 10:48am

    Subtle layering and little but often will ensure you’ll become irresistibly Angelic.

  • Posted by: Seema Sadhabiriss // Tue, 18 December 2012 11:30am

    Match your favorite fragrance with its lotion for longer stay. For more subtlety, spray the fragrance in the air in front, and walk through it.

  • Posted by: Joe // Tue, 18 December 2012 11:44am

    Neck and wrists are great areas to spray, but to really make your scent last spray back of your legs, cleavage and inside of elbows.

  • Posted by: dhey Newbie // Tue, 18 December 2012 11:47am

    is the fragrance I adore

  • Posted by: Leanne fisher // Tue, 18 December 2012 12:17pm

    Don’t overdo it, less is best

  • Posted by: Jodie Taylor // Tue, 18 December 2012 12:47pm

    entice with your scent don’t hit people over the head with it!! less is more

  • Posted by: Faysie // Tue, 18 December 2012 12:47pm

    My tip is to ‘layer’ fragrance. Start with fragranced soap, then moisturer and finally perfume.

  • Posted by: Samantha Clifton // Tue, 18 December 2012 01:10pm

    Layering your perfume with your body wash, allows the scent to last all day without overdoing it.

  • Posted by: Darcy Okey // Tue, 18 December 2012 01:26pm

    spray it in the places you sweat. such as under your arms and on your inner elbow. the heat and sweat strengthens the smell! :)

  • Posted by: Lisa-1294413802 Master Fan // Tue, 18 December 2012 01:50pm

    Emphasise the fragrance by adding a few drops of essential oil of the top note (vanilla, citrus etc) to your moisturiser.

  • Posted by: Amanda Smoothy // Tue, 18 December 2012 03:51pm

    Layer your favourite scent by starting with body wash, then body lotion and finally perfume. They fragrance lasts all day.

  • Posted by: Glenice Price // Tue, 18 December 2012 04:14pm

    To spray it on the pulse sections of your body , Angel works wonders for this l get heaps of comments on the fragrance , .

  • Posted by: MsKate Supporter // Tue, 18 December 2012 05:15pm

    I always spry a little in my hair and I am always careful not to go overboard!!!

  • Posted by: Jamie McGraw // Tue, 18 December 2012 07:40pm

    What may be a gorgeous fragrance in one country, may be unpleasant and overpowering in another. Take cultural cues.

  • Posted by: Kathryn Bell // Tue, 18 December 2012 08:26pm

    Always spray on your pulses. You always smell nice when your heart beats.

  • Posted by: ladylazarus Newbie // Tue, 18 December 2012 08:57pm

    Spray perfume in hair for luscious lingering scent!

  • Posted by: Yvonne Redwood // Tue, 18 December 2012 09:23pm

    Less is more…

  • Posted by: Christi // Tue, 18 December 2012 10:07pm

    Squirt a little in your hair, people can always smell it in your hair and it lasts a long time

  • Posted by: Samira // Tue, 18 December 2012 10:22pm

    Spray some fragrance on your wrists and rub together and apply to neck and spray a tiny amount to the hair from further away

  • Posted by: Kirsty // Tue, 18 December 2012 11:01pm

    Spray perfume on your hairbrush before you brush your hair and the scent will linger on you all day long to the delight of everyone

  • Posted by: Kirsty // Tue, 18 December 2012 11:02pm

    Spray perfume on your hairbrush before you brush your hair and the scent will linger on you all day long to the delight of everyone.

  • Posted by: Suzie Elo // Tue, 18 December 2012 11:20pm

    Spray a bit of fragrance in your hair, there’s nothing like the smell of sweet hair.

  • Posted by: Anita Black // Wed, 19 December 2012 12:32am

    Never keep perfume for more than one year as the scent changes, try not purchase too many so they get used!

  • Posted by: Simone Nelson // Wed, 19 December 2012 01:34am

    Never rub your fragrance skin to skin eg wrists and always test on yourself as scents change once interacting with your skin

  • Posted by: Claire Orr // Wed, 19 December 2012 06:45am

    Keep your perfumes in the fridge to keep them fresh, also feels great to get a cool, scented spray on a hot day

  • Posted by: Belinda McLeod // Wed, 19 December 2012 07:39am

    Don’t rub, pat your wrists together so the fragrances doesn’t stink

  • Posted by: joanne Lovell // Wed, 19 December 2012 07:45am

    When wearing your Angel put on just after your shower or bath and the warmth of your skin will highlight the lovely notes!

  • Posted by: Kerry Hatcher // Wed, 19 December 2012 08:36am

    Spray a little on the chest under clothes and the fragrance lingers all day long

  • Posted by: Michelle Bitcher // Wed, 19 December 2012 08:56am

    I love a little dab of perfume behind my ears

  • Posted by: Amanda Faichney // Wed, 19 December 2012 10:49am

    Layer it!! Use a body lotion in the same fragrance to make your fragrance last even longer.

  • Posted by: Cashew // Wed, 19 December 2012 10:58am

    Putting some on your wrists and rubbing them together. oils are always best. Also some behind the ears, my boyfriend loves it!

  • Posted by: Barbara Skanavis // Wed, 19 December 2012 11:02am

    After wearing perfume, never rub your wrists together, as you will bruise the scent…

  • Posted by: Railea-1297474615 Supporter // Wed, 19 December 2012 11:23am

    A touch between the decollete keeps the scent fresh all day.

  • Posted by: Sonya // Wed, 19 December 2012 11:42am

    Keep the scent simple, you want the smell to linger, not choke everyone on you way out!..

  • Posted by: ASHLEA MCKAY // Wed, 19 December 2012 12:10pm

    Don’t rub it in!

  • Posted by: Anna Rasztabiga // Wed, 19 December 2012 12:24pm

    Around ankle points and inner elbow spots – dot your daubs or sprays there for soft continuous scent delight.

  • Posted by: Kerry Elsworthy // Wed, 19 December 2012 12:47pm

    Always put mepty bottles in my dresser drawers, keeps everything smelling wonderful.

  • Posted by: Sarah Dimasi // Wed, 19 December 2012 01:07pm

    Christian Dior once said ‘a woman’s perfume tells more about her than her handwriting’ – pick a scent that is truly you.

  • Posted by: Heidi Davenport // Wed, 19 December 2012 01:53pm

    Never buy your own. Use all your housemates perfume or aftershave until they finally crack it and buy you a bottle. Works every time.

  • Posted by: Lorraine Bartolo // Wed, 19 December 2012 02:42pm

    Not to overdo it, a little on the pulse areas is all thats needed

  • Posted by: Liz Dowhaluk // Wed, 19 December 2012 02:49pm

    If fragrance changes it’s smell when it makes contact with your skin. Wear it in your hair. I find that the smells wafts around you nicely.

  • Posted by: Liz Maclaren // Wed, 19 December 2012 02:58pm

    Make fragrance last longer by first applying non-scented moisturiser, scent fades faster when applied to dry skin.

  • Posted by: muso Master Fan // Wed, 19 December 2012 03:39pm

    If strangers give you compliments when you’re wearing a certain perfume, it means you’ve found a “winner” for your perfume wardrobe.

  • Posted by: Barbara Fehmel // Wed, 19 December 2012 03:56pm

    It is better to put small amounts of perfume on and top up regularily, than cover yourself in it.

  • Posted by: Liz // Wed, 19 December 2012 04:36pm

    Spray a hand written love letter delivered via traditional mail

  • Posted by: FashionGuru Master Fan // Wed, 19 December 2012 04:40pm

    Apply Perfume on your Pulse Points like, the inner wrists, the base of the throat, behind ear lobes, behind knees, and the inner elbows.

  • Posted by: Sophie // Wed, 19 December 2012 04:42pm

    Be sure to test it out on your boy’s nose first – it’s important he loves it or you’ll never get to wear it!

  • Posted by: Jenny Watson // Wed, 19 December 2012 05:36pm

    If you run out of your favourite perfume, or you just want something a little different, a dab vanilla essence smells lovely.

  • Posted by: Angela Gale // Wed, 19 December 2012 05:49pm

    Keeping my perfumes in the fridge is my all-time fragrance tip so the fragrances are guaranteed to not go off.

  • Posted by: Anne // Wed, 19 December 2012 07:23pm

    Moderation – if you can smell it yourself, you’re wearing too much.

  • Posted by: Kirsten W // Wed, 19 December 2012 08:12pm

    Make your fragrance last longer by using a body cream of your favourite fragrance first. The lotion acts like glue and holds the fragrance longer.

  • Posted by: Becky S // Wed, 19 December 2012 08:45pm

    Shop for perfume in the afternoon when your sense of smell is strongest

  • Posted by: Trish-1328973054 Enthusiast // Wed, 19 December 2012 08:55pm

    Spraying perfume onto the nape of my neck. As I move around in the day it lightly wafts through the air, and actually lasts longer!

  • Posted by: jennifer dunne // Wed, 19 December 2012 09:27pm

    When a fragrance gets too hot it changes it smell so don’t wear it to the gym.

  • Posted by: Belinda Bann // Wed, 19 December 2012 10:02pm from a reputable source – I’ve been stung a few times with fakes so play it safe and purchase from a well known store…

  • Posted by: Courtney Brideson // Wed, 19 December 2012 10:05pm

    I’m allergic to one of my favourite perfumes so I spray it on my clothes and hair- it has the added bonus of retaining the smell.

  • Posted by: Megan // Wed, 19 December 2012 10:11pm

    Always have a purse sized version of your favourite perfume, perfect for when you forget your daily spritz or just need a boost to lift your spirits

  • Posted by: Rebecca Sykes // Wed, 19 December 2012 10:33pm

    Not too much! If the person you just hugged now smells like you then its too much! Be exclusive, unique and subtle!

  • Posted by: Jamahl Gaud // Wed, 19 December 2012 11:18pm

    Go for something that you find sexy. In reality no-one wants
    to smell someone who just smells nice or normal. Sexy & Elegant is the key.

  • Posted by: Meredith Bennett // Wed, 19 December 2012 11:43pm

    Buy a new fragrance when going on holidays & wear it the whole trip. Forever you will associate that perfume with your holiday

  • Posted by: Fatima Shah // Thu, 20 December 2012 01:52am

    Keep it simple – do not drown yourself in perfumes. Perfume is a highlight not the main thing.

  • Posted by: Natalie Stoute // Thu, 20 December 2012 02:04am

    Classy not brassy. You don’t want to smell like a brothel.
    Be age appropriate. Bubblegum and watermelon sprays are for teens!

  • Posted by: pamela // Thu, 20 December 2012 08:58am

    Only spray where there is a pulse. For example your wrists and your neck under your ears. Never overspray!

  • Posted by: Laura Jilka // Thu, 20 December 2012 09:16am

    Ralph Lauren Romance,
    I put it on and the guys seem to dance!
    Sweet and fresh,
    I love it the best!

  • Posted by: Falon Downing // Thu, 20 December 2012 09:21am

    Buy a fragrance that suits your personality, not your mood!

  • Posted by: Annee Thomas // Thu, 20 December 2012 09:58am

    Wait at least 20 minutes after getting out of the shower before applying perfume as the body will hold the scent longer!

  • Posted by: Bec // Thu, 20 December 2012 10:32am

    Buy the one that your partner loves on you,
    the one that drives him crazy,
    So you can get away with anything you want to!

  • Posted by: Aimee Sharpe // Thu, 20 December 2012 12:33pm

    always spray your clothes before you put them on, because some perfumes can change aroma when touched by your skin.

  • Posted by: Rebecca Patch // Thu, 20 December 2012 12:49pm

    when styling my hair I always spray my hair with my favourite fragrance so the smell lingers and makes your hair smell pretty all day

  • Posted by: Courtney // Thu, 20 December 2012 12:58pm

    A light dusting of fragrance in your hair will flow with the breeze, making your day magical.

  • Posted by: Natn72 // Thu, 20 December 2012 01:14pm

    Perfume smells differently on different skin so spray it in your hair

  • Posted by: violetflower61230 Enthusiast // Thu, 20 December 2012 01:17pm

    Apply perfume to the backs of the knees because as the day goes on the scent will rise.

  • Posted by: Libracat Supporter // Thu, 20 December 2012 01:22pm

    A fine spray on the sheets before making the bed. The scent is released when you and yours hit the sack and is very arousing.

  • Posted by: Dianne Van Dort // Thu, 20 December 2012 02:12pm

    Spray a little perfume near the top of your head if you’re short. Tall men will smell you straight away and your hair will smell nice too.

  • Posted by: Kay Gerritsen - Blaney // Thu, 20 December 2012 02:21pm

    I love to layer. I find fragrance lasts much longer.

  • Posted by: Beverley Atkinson // Thu, 20 December 2012 03:14pm

    Wear a perfume YOU love! Something that makes you feel sexy, fabulous and beautiful.

  • Posted by: Alannah // Thu, 20 December 2012 04:48pm

    Always keep a spare in your bag!

  • Posted by: elena bella // Thu, 20 December 2012 09:46pm

    keep it sweet and subtle

  • Posted by: talkalot Master Fan // Thu, 13 June 2013 08:50pm

    This would have been nice, well done winners.

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